Stichting Just Trees is a Dutch foundation, incorporated on 4 March 2015 and based in Ammerzoden, The Netherlands (address details below). Just Trees is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 62796062 and with the Dutch tax authorities under number 854960302

Statutory goal: contributing to a livable, healthy and green environment and stimulating awareness of the importance of a green environment, by planting trees, hosting tree planting events and education on the importance of preservation and planting of trees.

Our mission: Just Trees strives for a greener world by planting trees and educating. Through our tree planting events we want to inspire people to take better care of their environment and plant more trees. We mainly focus on school children as we believe that planting with kids and educating next generations will lay a firm foundation for a future green environment. By getting children into nature to plant trees we want to create the experience that (planting) a tree is both important, healthy and fun. 

Our vision: trees are vital to our world. Just Trees wants to make a positive and lasting contribution to the preservation of nature and create awareness of the importance of having trees in our environment. 

Board: The board has a statutory minimum of three member and a maximum of seven members. The board of Just Trees foundation consists of: Anneke Zwijnenburg (treasurer), Nadia Lhafi (secretary) and Marleen van Arkel (chair). All board members are founding members and their participation is a result of a firm belief in the importance of preserving our trees for future generations.

General policy/our work: Just Trees plants trees in designated area's e.g. forests, company or school grounds or community area's. Trees can either be planted by the foundation itself or by participants of a tree planting event. These events will combine tree planting with education and are hosted for children of local schools. The majority of our activities is carried out in Kenya. In Kenya Just Trees works with local partners. We seek companies and charitable organisations that share the values of Just Trees. We consult local experts to make sure that the trees planted are suitable for the country and benefit the environment as well as the local community.

Financial policy: Just Trees is a charitable organisation. The foundation raises funds through the website and through the personal and professional networks of the board members. Donors can support Just Trees by making a donation to our bank account, donating seedlings or seeds, or donating a tree as a gift to someone. Corporate sponsors can sponsor an entire event in return for promotional activities or as a way to realize their corporate social responsibility. The board commits to directing all donations directly into tree planting and education and the hosting of planting - and education events. Board members do not receive a remuneration for their work and strive to keep the other overhead as small as possible. Just Trees will provide a financial statement at the end of each calender year to account for revenues and costs.  

ANBI: Just Trees has been granted the so called 'ANBI-status' from the Dutch tax authorities. This allows Dutch tax payers to deduct their donations to Just Trees for tax purposes. 

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Address Just Trees

Secretaris Schokkerstraat 12

5324 ER Ammerzoden

The Netherlands

Bank details

Rabobank Bommelerwaard

Vestiging Zaltbommel

IBAN: NL94 RABO 0302 7653 36

Registration information

Chamber of commerce: 62796062

Fiscal number (RSIN): 854960302