Corporate sponsoring

If your company is interested in supporting us there are many ways to do so! For example you can help us with funds, donate seedlings or seeds, hold tree planting events with your staff or by making available a spot on your compound to plant trees. Every form of support is greatly appreciated. 

Your benefits:
In return for your support we will mention your name on our website, name a tree planting event after your company or sign post your name at a plant site. You are also free to mention Just Trees on your company's website or social media to indicate that you support the environment (as a way of CSR).

Please contact us on justtreesfoundation@gmail.com. Find out more about the foundation and our accountability here.

Spread the word

If you are interesting in making a contribution to a greener planet by spreading the word, we can provide you with presentation material or tips to interest your public.
Contact us on justtreesfoundation@gmail.com to find out which material is available or if you need assistance in hosting a presentation

Become a donor

Your support makes sure we can plant trees! 

Do you want to give a child from Nairobi's slum a educational and fun day? Starting from 8 euro we can take one child to the forest for a day and buy a tree for him/her to plant!

You can become a regular donor or a one time sponsor. Please contact us on justtreesfoundation@gmail.com to find out how and what's in it for you.

When you support us we will keep you updated on our activities. You can be assured that all your donations will be spent on tree planting activities and education, find our more about our foundation here.

If you want to sponsor us immediately, please click the button (Paypal or credit card only):

If you prefer an bank transfer you can make your donation to: 

Stichting Just Trees 

IBAN: NL94 RABO 0302 7653 36 


Ref: 'donation' and your name

Tree goodies

Just Trees will be opening a web shop. For every item sold, we will plant trees. Find out more soon!

Give a tree!

Do you want to plant a tree on behalf of a friend or family member? Trees make a nice gift: you help the planet and your loved one will get permanent 'roots'.
When you donate EUR 10, we will plant a tree in your loved one's name and send him/her a certificate. Please click on the 'Give a tree' button below (Paypal or credit card only) for payment.

If you prefer an bank transfer can make the payment to: 

Stichting Just Trees 

IBAN: NL94 RABO 0302 7653 36 


Ref: 'give a tree' and the recipients name

Please also complete the form below so we can send the certificate to to your recipient.

It's for you!