Why plant trees

We need to make up for what we take down!
Every day as much as 20.000 hectares of forest is cut down! We need to do something to make a change.

Because trees produce oxygen!
A mature leafy tree produces enough oxygen each year for a family of 4 to breathe

Because trees filter the air!
Fine dust and airborne particles (for example produced by cars) is overclouding our air. Trees hold this particles in their leaves. One mature tree can absorb an amount of fine dust equal to the amount that is produced by a car while driving 10.000 kilometers.

Because the climate is changing!
A tree absorbs between 10 and 60 kilogram CO2 every year (and turns this into oxygen). And trees cool down the atmosphere better than any air conditioning can.

Because trees block noise!
Trees muffle or block urban noise just as effectively as a wall would do. Strategic planted trees around your house or in the neighborhood can muffle city noise (cars, trains, plains).

Because trees govern water supplies!
Forests acts as a basis of water catchments and regulate climate and seasonal patterns.

Because trees save you energy costs!
By planting as few as three trees around a property, the average household can cut energy costs with up to 10%! 

Because consumers mind!
Businesses take note: Shoppers are willing to pay 12% more for goods and services when the business district is well-landscaped.

Because trees increase property value!
Gardens and neighborhoods with trees in it, are worth up to 10% more. 

Because a lot of industries depend on wood!
Until good alternatives are found we depend on wood for building, making furniture and as a resource for heating and cooking. Let make sure that one of our main resources is taken care, protected and replaced.

Because forests and parks provide a great spot for recreation!
Your kids can not build a tree house on a computer and walking your dog or running is far nicer in a park. Forests and parks provide us with a place to relax and think. Get out there and enjoy!

Because we owe earth and all its inhabitants!
All over the world people, flora and fauna depend on trees for food, shelter, firewood, to prevent erosion, to provide shelter from sun and rain. We are not alone on this world, but we are the ones to preserve it for all.

Trees and Kenyan life

A large part of the Kenyan population still depends on wood for their everyday survival, They cook on firewood or charcoal, and heat their house with firewood. These people have no access to or money for other forms of energy. Lets make sure this resource stays available in abundance by replanting and let's spread knowledge on energy efficient use of wood. 

At this point in time deforestation in Kenya is a huge problem, robbing the country of water catching areas, only creating a larger problem  in a country already battling drought and food shortage. Apart from that deforestation is costing the country billions of dollars each year.

And while 10% forest cover is considered to be healthy for a country, Kenya's cover is down to 1,7%!