Let's plant trees

Just Trees wants to make the world a little greener and healthier, by planting trees and encouraging others to do so as well. Trees provide the oxygen we breathe, control rainfall and groundwater levels, provide shelter, food and firewood. Earth and the people living on it simply need trees and our forests are disappearing by 20.000 hectares a day! Planting trees has economical and financial benefits as well and trees contribute to (mental) health. A tree will outlive you, giving evidence of your presence on earth and benefiting generations to come. Click here for more information.

WHAT DO WE DO? We organize tree planting events, educate (children) on the importance of trees and a healthy environment, raise funds for urban and rural (re)planting and encourage land- and business owners to preserve or replant their trees. 
WHAT CAN YOU DO? Support us, participate in events we organize or plant a tree yourself! 
Together we can make the world a little greener, one step at a time. So, BREATHE GREEN, PLANT A TREE.

Just Trees focuses mainly on Kenya as, despite growing efforts on conservation and replanting, deforestation is a big problem, depriving the country of money, important resources and its beauty. But the dream is bigger; Just Trees wants to inspire and support tree planting all over the world!                                                             

Trees 4 kids

Learn more here about the importance of conserving and planting trees. Do you have an assignment at school or want to plant a tree at home? We can help!

Just Plant

Find out about our upcoming tree planting events, campaigns and actions. We also provide you with tips on how to plant trees or organize your own tree planting events. 

Just Support

We can not make a change without you! Find out here how you can support us by telling our story, become a sponsor or make a donation.
From as little as 8 euro you can give a child from Nairobi's slum an educational and fun day. This amount allows us to take one child to the forest for a day and buy a tree for him/her to plant!